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How does web hosting work?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

You've built a website, now you need to put it online. Web hosting is where you store your website on the internet so people can access it.

It's like having an apartment or house: In this case, the server is like your home, and your domain name is like your address. In many cases, the web host provides both these things for one low monthly fee per month.

server with wires connected

How does web hosting work?

The internet is a network of computers. Each computer, or host, stores information about each website and makes it available to you when you access the internet. When you type in the address of a website (e.g.,, your request is sent to one or more servers that keep copies of all websites on their hard drives, much like your own computer does when you save files to your desktop or laptop drive.

The server is a computer that stays connected to the internet all the time so it can respond immediately when someone requests web content from it—usually via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests from browsers like Chrome and Firefox, but also from mobile apps such as Safari for iOS devices and Android’s browser for phones and tablets.

The domain name points towards where these files reside online so they're easy accessible by anyone who wants them without having complex knowledge about how networks work.

When you buy a web hosting plan, you are basically buying space on a server. This server is owned by the web host, who will also be your service provider. You can think of the server as a huge computer that stays connected to the internet all the time.

Once you've purchased your plan, the next step is to connect your domain name to the web host. This way, when people access your domain name, they'll see your website.

When it comes to choosing an ideal provider for web hosting services and domain registration, there are many things which should be considered such as reliability, customer support quality and pricing plans among others.

But sometimes it's difficult for someone who hasn't done this before to select one from so many options available online today especially if they don't know what kind of things he needs from his new service provider.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how web hosting works. If there’s anything else, reach out to Vibes web development company in qatar.

Subash Manimozhi


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