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Google Ads are a powerful way to advertise your business in Qatar. You can choose from a range of strategies and campaigns, including:

  • Search Advertising

  • Mobile Advertising

  • Video Ads

  • Display Advertising

  • AdWords Express (for small business owners)

Our Google Ads Consultant will help you develop an effective strategy and manage your campaign once it’s up and running. Contact us today!

Google Ads

Our Google Ads Services

Search ads are a quick way to drive traffic to your website or mobile app in Qatar. You can create them in Google Ads, then target them to reach people when they're searching on Google or one of their partner sites using keywords you specify.

With search ads, you can also set bids that change automatically depending on who sees the ad and how likely they are to take action (such clicking the link and visiting your site).

  • You can create search ads for desktop and laptop computers, mobile browsers and devices like smartphones and tablets.

  • Also, you can choose from several text ad formats: headline 1; headline 2; description line 1; description line 2; display URL (what users will see in their browser bar); destination URL (where users land after clicking an ad); sitelinks (links within an ad).


Google's Smart Campaigns help you manage your AdWords campaigns more efficiently. Smart Campaigns are a set of automated rules that help you manage your AdWords campaigns more efficiently.


They're available for Search and Display Network campaigns, and they include the following features:

  • Creating a rule with one click that automatically manages ad placements, bids, or budgets as needed to maximize campaign performance over time

  • Automatic bidding based on historical performance data from similar keywords in the same location


  • Automatic budget adjustments based on how much has been spent on ads for each keyword.


Google Ads Services are a suite of tools that power your advertising across the Google ecosystem. With Google Ads, you can manage all aspects of your online advertising campaigns with one easy-to-use interface so you can focus on creating great ads, getting them seen, and landing more customers.

As an advertiser, you have access to the powerful combination of Google's expertise and data along with industry leading technology to help deliver better results for your business goals.


There are many different types of Google Advertising Services that we have covered in this guide and it is important to note that all of them can be used for different types of businesses.


The type you choose will depend on what kind of advertising campaigns you want to run, how much time and money you have available (along with other factors), and whether or not there are any limitations imposed by government regulations.


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